What is Atma Yoga?
Introduction to Meditation 
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As taught by Atmananada, founder of worldwide Atma Yoga based in NY but derived from ancient Vedic India, it is a broad yoga practise involving asana (postures), kriya (exercises), mantra (affirmations), pranayama (breath work) and sastra (philosophy). Its goal is to give the practitioner experience of the soul as separate from the body and mind.

I'm passionate about keeping lineage with the Atma Yoga science (bhakti yoga). It isn’t a hobby or a religion... it is a 24/7 experience; a backdrop of higher awareness that gives daily activities purpose & richness, wiring the mind for joy, a reset button to your SELF.

If that kind of depth and knowledge is up your alley and you're looking for a Yoga Teacher Training - look no further than the castle temple of Belgium's Radhadesh. Use my contact form below to enquire and get a 100EURO discount.

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 jyotish astrology, Ayurveda health and tri-guna frameworks. 

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